Musician - harp

Listen to soundbites from harp soloes
Comes Love PLAY 01:09 From "Regarding the Blues" - Lazy River Boys
The islands of the danes. PLAY 00:27 Filmmusic by Finn Poulsen.
Under the water PLAY 00:48 Filmmusic by Finn Poulsen
Rain PLAY 00:35 From the CD "You take me home" by Dorte Hyldstrup.
Old rockinī chair PLAY 00:51 Composer Finn Poulsen
Adana PLAY 00:19 From the CD "Sleeping and running" by Gypsy Jam.
Laughter in the rain PLAY 00:24 From the CD "Jorn loosen up" by Jorn Lendorph.
Prop - song PLAY 00:55 From the soundtrack of the danish famous film for children "Prop and Berta"